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Wine on Tap, Clam Pizza and Sinatra in VaHi

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If you could bond over pizza with anyone in the world—past or present—think about who it would be.

And if you’re thinking Joe DiMaggio, Jerry Seinfeld and Lucky Luciano, then we have something for you.

It’s... a giant mural of them.

But it’s in a place with clam pizza and a bunch of wine on tap, so...

Welcome to Timone’s, Ron Eyester’s new dinner-only house of pie that you’ll use to satisfy Empire State–specific cravings like white pizzas and Brooklyn beers under the watchful and inanimate eyes of some iconic New Yorkers, opening Thursday in VaHi.

So yeah, this place has a thing for NYC. Giant black-and-white photos of taxis and pizzerias. Borough maps on the tables. Paintings of chicken parms and Sinatra’s 1938 mug shot on the walls.

It’s pretty casual, so bring a few friends, bypass the high-top tables up front and head to the copper bar. You’ll share a chicken-confit-and-artichoke pie. You’ll share some garlic knots and a meat roll.

You won’t share Aperol spritzers and Mexican Coke floats.

There’s a line, and that crosses it.

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