Golden Gate Bar & Grill Tap Room

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A Temple of Beer and Games in Union Square

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You remember field day.

The three-legged races. The egg tosses. The giant parachutes. The cutthroat shuffleboard matches. The nine-ball. The pulled-pork tacos. The 100 beers.

Right. So maybe your memories are a bit foggy.

Or maybe you’re just thinking of the Golden Gate Bar & Grill Tap Room, a grown-up field day in the form of a new bar with foosball, shuffleboard, skee-ball and a bunch of other stuff we’ll talk about in a second. It’s now open in Union Square.

Typically, it’s best if you leave this part of the city to the legions of wayfaring citizens clamoring to... okay, tourists. We’re talking about tourists. But you’ll want to make an exception for this place. Reason being: this place is fantastic.

And you’ll know you’re there when you see an old gas tank, exposed brick walls and a bunch of tufted burgundy banquettes. Oh, and a bar made of blown-up matchbook covers of pinup girls.

Go to them. Go to the 50 bottles and 50 taps of beer behind them like Old Speckled Hen and Chimay Triple. And then go play some video poker and foosball and take a swing on that golf simulator thing.

Or just eat some fries and have another beer.

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