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The Underground. You’ve had some good times there. But things had started feeling a little... cramped. You two needed some time apart. To rethink things. To get some fog machines.

Well, we’re glad one of you did.

Yes, after its five-month face-lift, the River North party mecca is now soft-open for private events. Here are the three things you need to know:

1. That Dr. Strangelove bunker vibe is still in effect. But you’ll notice subtle changes. Windows that look into the working boiler room. Fog machines. Lasers bouncing off the walls. A glass wall displaying a digital light show. And a ceiling with LED lights that react to sound.

2. They now have a lounge. It’s called the Lounge. Once a makeshift greenroom for celebs, it’s now where you’ll order a bottle of Opus One and sink into chesterfield sofas—the closest thing to sitting on a giant catcher’s mitt you’ll encounter all night (most likely).

3. There’s a table inside the DJ booth. Guest DJs like Samantha Ronson will just have to make room for you and your friends. You can also have a private mixologist at your table, shaking your Aviation, made with moonshine and flamed lemon peels.

And he takes requests.


The Underground
56 W Illinois St
(between Clark and Dearborn)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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