Things to do for July 18, 2013

The Weekender

Bruce Lee. Kiwi Brunch. The Weekend...

Hot time, summer in the weekend.

UD - Thin Crust Straight Out of Italy

Thin Crust Straight Out of Italy

Thin-crust pizza’s an art. The kind of art that can really only be mastered by three Italian pizza-making brothers combining forces. Like at this new Greenwich Village spot, where the crust is so thin, it practically doesn’t exist. And yet somehow: super cheesy. Those Italians and their cheese miracles.

Now open, Susanna Pizzeria, 182 Bleecker St (between Sullivan and MacDougal), 646-678-3466

UD - Bruce Lee, Now a Sandwich

Bruce Lee, Now a Sandwich

Here are the facts: No. 7 Sub and Luke’s Lobster are joining together to make sandwiches based on the outdoor films Brooklyn Bridge Park is screening this summer. This week: Enter the Dragon—which means, yes, a Bruce Lee–inspired shrimp-pork-broccoli-and-sriracha-mayo masterpiece is there for the devouring. Mmm, delicious facts.

UD - Up to 80% Off Some Natty Hats

Up to 80% Off Some Natty Hats

You may have noticed recently that the sun is out to get you. Your move: investing in a handsome straw fedora. You can pick up a few of those with a pretty small investment at Eugenia Kim’s sample sale. Nice try, hot star of death.

Through Jul 19, 10am-7pm, Eugenia Kim Sample Sale, 347 W 36th St, Ste 501 (between 8th and 9th)

UD - Your Face, Immortalized in 3D

Your Face, Immortalized in 3D

Your face: it really is a masterpiece. Or it will be, thanks to this design studio, which is now operating an East Village shop that does custom 3D portraits of you or anyone you’ve got a photo of. It’s not vain if it’s art.

Now open, Manhattan Born, 336 E 5th St (between 1st and 2nd), 212-677-3823

UD - Corned-Beef Brunch. You Want This.

Corned-Beef Brunch. You Want This.

When someone says their grandma makes a killer mustard sauce, you’ve gotta try it. And when it’s on corned beef for a New Zealand–style brunch: even better. Musket Room’s making it happen, along with the Michelada Hop: New Zealand IPA, hot sauce and something called “gunpowder.” It’s probably just a clever name.

Sat-Sun, 10am-3pm, The Musket Room, 265 Elizabeth St (between Prince and Houston), 212-219-0764

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