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This Old Diner’s an Umami. That Serves Hot Dogs.

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The great thing about old-school diners is...

They’re Umami Burgers.

That serve a bunch of hot dogs.

Or maybe that’s just this one...

This Umami Burger is not like the others—you’ll find it in an old Burbank diner, it’s got an extensive hot dog menu, and it’s soft-opening today.

You might remember this place as Papoo’s Hot Dog Show. If not, now you know that a place called Papoo’s Hot Dog Show existed, and you missed your chance to go there. Tough break.

How to console yourself: come here with some friends who all have equally healthy doses of irony and nostalgia. This one’s still spiritually an old greasy spoon, with black-and-white-checkered floors, studded leather stools and dog photos on the walls. Dog dogs.

Some might be here to have a burger, sure. (Umami does burgers. Maybe you’ve heard.) But this outpost is casting aside all sense of burger decorum and getting deep into the hot dog racket. Really. Eight of ’em. Look. Here’s proof. There’s a truffle dog (truffle cheese, truffle-infused port onions), a Cali Dog (yep, there’s avocado) and a Show Dog—with barbecue sauce, onion strings, minced bacon and beer cheese. 

Also, a chili dog. They’re not heathens.

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