The Bungalows at Hotel ZaZa

Bungalow and Behold

ZaZa’s New Tryst-Worthy Suites

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Clandestine affairs. Illicit romances. Secret rendezvous.

We’d never condone that sort of behavior.

But still... it’s nice to have a place for such things.

You know, just in case.

Make a mental note of The Bungalows at Hotel ZaZa, a couple historic houses behind the hotel that have been converted into secluded luxury suites, taking reservations now and opening July 26.

Right, the ZaZa. Nice place. Easy on the eyes. All sexy and whatnot. Well, this is more of that, except tucked behind the hotel on Thomas Ave. Inside: one- and two-bedroom hideaways with full kitchens, 55-inch flat-screens and criminally comfortable king-size beds. You know, for watching that 55-inch TV on.

So, yeah. Sounds like a good spot for visiting clients. In-town trysts. Or any other get-a-room scenarios where marble showers, balcony espressos and walls lined with photos of pouty fashion models might come in handy. (Happens more often than you’d think.)

Just book a room and check in for a lost weekend. Then, should you require anything during your stay, ask. Because you’ll have all the same amenities as ZaZa’s regular hotel guests. Like access to the gym, room service and a poolside cabana.

Also, all the mini shampoos you can handle.


The Bungalows at Hotel ZaZa
2501 and 2505 Thomas Ave
Dallas, TX, 75201


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