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Artesano, by the Numbers

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Guess what...

You’re about to eat chocolate meatballs.

And just think, if Artesano—a new Latin spot from the Rigolo Café people—didn’t open over the weekend on California, you wouldn’t even be able to do that.

But it did.

So you can.

And below is the numerical breakdown that will help it help you:

80: Rough estimate of steps it takes to get from Rigolo to Artesano.

0: Physical and culinary similarities between Rigolo and Artesano.

1: Number of fireplaces.

363: Nights per year that fireplace may save your life.

14: Mason jars making up the chandelier over the communal table.

0: Mason jars actually holding food or drinks.

10: Number of seats at the wooden communal table.

4: Strands of chain from the general contractor’s boat holding up the menu board.

5: Sandwiches on said menu board.

3: Number of meatballs in the albóndiga sandwich.

70: Percent of cacao in the dark chocolate meatballs.

16: Number of dollars you’ll pay for the most expensive dish on the menu.

16: Seats outside.

12pm: Optimal time for UV exposure.

12pm: Optimal time for eating chocolate meatballs... also.


3415 California St
(at Laurel)
San Francisco, CA, 94118


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