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The Sexiest Hidden Ski Resort in Switzerland

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Turns out, it’s a great place for hiding things.

Like, say, an entire ski resort.

That’s made of glass.

And shaped like a mountain.

In the middle of actual mountains...

Open your eyes wider for Crans Ambassador, a towering funhouse of panoramic views, alfresco jacuzzis and general mountain coziness that just sprouted up in the Swiss Alps. It’s awaiting your presence now.

Let’s start with the obvious: TV’s Kevin Sorbo has great hair. Slightly less obvious (and slightly more on-topic): nearly every one of the 83 rooms comes with a private terrace. Book one with a jacuzzi. Book it good. Then, show up, set your bags down and walk around a bit.

The spa is a good place to start. And not just because it looks like a cave, but because it’s as good a place as any to bask in heated pools, wooden saunas and mosaic-tiled fountains. And because it looks like a cave.

Eventually, you’ll want to make your way to Le Restaurant. It’s the gym. Just kidding, it’s where you eat homemade foie gras by the fire.

And come December, the endless slopes of Crans-Montana will be yours to ski all over.

We hear that’s kind of a big deal in Switzerland.


Crans Ambassador
3 Route du Petit Signal, CP 117
3963 Crans-Montana
+41 27 485 48 48
official website


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