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There’s something about Russian honey cake that really brings people together.


We’ll see about that.

Put your pinkie out for 20th Century Café, a courtship-friendly coffeehouse and bakery filled with vintage Eastern European bewitchery and plum coffee cake, now open in Hayes Valley.

It’s like somebody plucked a Viennese café from a cobblestone street and placed it in a former laundromat on the corner of Gough and Oak. The bakers wear old-world-European-style uniforms and everything.

Pop in, say, Sunday afternoon-ish. Bring whoever you nightcapped with on Saturday. Wave to Michelle, the former pastry chef from Range. She’ll be back there making you strudels and tortes and potato knishes with little splashes of vermouth in them.

Which is great, because you were just thinking about how nice it would be to eat those things. And drink steaming cups of Blue Bottle coffee. On a white marble table in front of a burnt-orange mohair banquette. With someone who laughs when you make jokes about the word “mohair.”

Oh, and a couple things to look out for in the very near future: 1) Pastrami sandwiches and Polish hot dogs. They’re doing full-on lunch soon. And 2) a beer/wine license.

Little vermouth splashes only go so far.


20th Century Café
198 Gough St
(at Oak)
San Francisco, CA, 94102


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