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How Abbot Kinney Does Pork Sandwiches

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Pick something you like. Anything.

Now put it between two slices of bread. Always so much better.

Unless you picked something like a bicycle...

Then again, you could ride a bicycle to Pork Belly’s Sandwich Shop—Abbot Kinney’s new counter of, yes, pork belly sandwiches, finally opening Monday in Venice.

What’ll happen here is, you’ll be walking down the street. Buying shirts and coffee and maybe a weird orb for your living room floor. And then you’ll see what could only be described as Abbot Kinney’s version of a fast-food counter—a simple but sleek-looking place where you’ll stride to the window and ask for The Belly Up.

That would be their prize offering—with pork pulled from the in-house smoker (it can hold 300 pounds of meat, and it’s basically all they have room for in this place), topped with barbecue sauce and coleslaw. And you’ll want some fried pickles on the side.

Then, a few days later, when you’re in the neighborhood returning your floor orb, you could stop by again and try a Cheesy Chicken Parm or the PBLT. One guess what the PB stands for.

It’s not Pat Benatar.

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