Magic Bus

This Ride Leads to Beer. And Soccer.

None You know that time you were super excited to ride the bus...


Well, get ready for it.

Find your seat on the FCD Express, a handy new means of transport between area soccer bars and FC Dallas soccer games, now rolling.

What you’ve got here is a big white bus. A big white bus that’ll shuttle you back and forth between point A (that would be your soccer bars—think British Beverage Company or World of Beer) and point B (that would be the FC Dallas Stadium on game day). Should be pretty simple. Stop us if you have any questions...

Anyway, all you need to do is go ahead and buy a ticket. Then head to one of the bars and do whatever it is you do at a bar before a big soccer match. Have a pint. Play a vuvuzela. Up to you.

A couple of hours before kickoff, the bus will arrive and chauffeur you to your midfield seat. Or, if you opted for the bus-and-beer-garden package, your reserved spot in the stadium’s behind-the-goal beer garden.

Behind-the-goal beer garden: that’s so soccer of them.

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