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Wine, Sandwiches and Pop-Ups in the Mission

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Ah, so this is what happens when Pal’s Take Away, a wine bar and a bunch of different pop-up restaurants all come together in one place...

La Movida happens.

It opens Thursday in the Mission, and here’s the explanation you so desperately deserve:

By night, it’s a wine-and-tapas bar.
There are red walls. There are mismatched wood and metal chairs. There are tabletops made with murals from the old El Delfin Mexican joint that was here before this place. And, most importantly, there are 12 California wines on tap, housemade chorizo fritos and lamb sliders. Which... great. But make sure to go back the next day, because...

By day, it’s Pal’s Take Away.
Yep. The cult sandwich shop will be commandeering the place every day for lunch. And they’ll be bringing deep-fried-Lao-sausage sandwiches and bacon-shrimp burgers with them. Unless...

It’s a Tuesday. In which case, expect pop-ups.
One Tuesday, it could be Rock Paper Scissors. The next: Marla Bakery or Ryan Ostler’s Gypsy Kitchen. Who knows. Just show up hungry and wait for people to feed you delicious things.

Which is just kind of a good policy in general.

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