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30 Absinthes and Bourbon Mussels in AdMo

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Oscar Wilde loved it.

Hemingway couldn’t get enough of it.

Marilyn Manson is addicted to it.

Yes, we’re talking about great literature.

But we could just as easily be talking about absinthe.

Which reminds us: DC has a new absinthe capital. Its name is Libertine, and it opens tonight at 5pm in Adams Morgan.

This is from the charmers who brought you the Black Squirrel. It’s working that Midnight in Paris vibe pretty hard: vintage liquor signs, exposed brick and dark wood everywhere, a nice little patio, a window reclaimed from an old mansion...

Okay, stop admiring the decor. You’ve got absinthe to try. They’ve got 30 of them, including some hard-to-find French varieties, a few from America and even a coffee-absinthe hybrid. Oh, and a high-proof, hemp-flavored absinthe, with marijuana and wormwood extracts.

Which will probably make you hungry. That’s when you and your crew will order up seafood-y small plates from a chef who’s logged time at a Wolfgang Puck joint—things like Prince Edward Island mussels flavored with Knob Creek bourbon, or bacon-enhanced oysters Rockefeller.

Bacon: one more thing absinthe goes great with.

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