Atlas Snugged

Meet Ministry of Supply’s New Coffee Sock

None Socks.

Sometimes you wear them. Sometimes you don’t.

And sometimes, they’re made with coffee.

Exhibit A: Atlas Socks, a new line of incredibly science-y, incredibly comfortable feet sheathes that use coffee oils to make sure things stay in proper working order down there, available for preorder now and shipping in November (call it a heads-up for fall).

These are essentially really comfortable Brita filters for your feet. Technology is involved. Recycled polyester fibers and actual coffee beans are involved. Also, the guys at Ministry of Supply are involved.

Which means, among other things, they look kind of nice. Black. Blue. Gray. Red stripes. All viable and handsome options at your disposal.

And the next time you’re, say, walking around, you can rest easy knowing that the foot mapping that went into their design was created for minimizing moisture and maximizing cushioning on your key pressure points.

But mostly just knowing that they’re socks with coffee in them.

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