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A.O.C.'s New Brother (It's a Tavern)

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You've been waiting awhile for this one.

But if all goes well, your wait ends Thursday—when Tavern opens in Brentwood.

Your wine-soaked nights at A.O.C., Lucques and the Hungry Cat have been plentiful and memorable, but you've never seen something quite like this from Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne—so allow us to give you the first look around the place.

Up front is the Larder, where you can pick up pastries early and market goods later—everything from cayenne-covered almonds to sopressata to fontina cheese and a bottle of red. (Make that two.) Behind that is the lounge, a magical place where you can drop into a green highbacked chair and watch kumquats become martinis…or maybe score dinner without a reservation.

But whether the sun's up or not, you'll likely be spending most of your time in the stunner of a hideaway out back called the Atrium—a dining room encased in peaked glass, dotted with olive trees and chandeliers dangling from rope. In the morning you can load up on Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes, and later on you'll see some familiar proteins—like Devil's Chicken—from those wine-soaked nights of yore.

Assuming the green light comes from the city today, Thursday's a go. If not, well…

Keep that dialing finger at the ready.


11648 San Vicente Blvd
Santa Monica
Los Angeles, CA, 90049


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