Things to do for April 23, 2009

The Weekender

Bourbon, Bobo and the No Pants Dance

The week has an umbrella. The weekend has a tan.<br /> <br />

2 New Perks

2 New Perks

This week, Perks brings you the essentials of summer: mouth-watering morsels of food and a quick getaway. We've got scalper-price tickets to the James Beard Awards and a handful of free two-night stays in the Clevelander Hotel. Which is conveniently in Miami and not Cleveland.

No Pants Night at Pacha

No Pants Night at Pacha

Yes, you read that right. We can't remember the last time we set foot in this madhouse, but a night of pantsless partying could be just the thing to lure us back. It's not every day you get the chance to see a Brazilian dancer dropping trou in the coat check line.

10pm, Apr 24, 618 W. 46th St (W. of 11th Ave), 212-209-7500

Bobo's Back Courtyard Opens

Bobo's Back Courtyard Opens

Our favorite tucked-away patio in the West Village just got untucked as it opens for patio season. We predict warm breezes, resplendent greenery and a pleasantly sunny crowd. (We hear there's food too.)

Courtyard opening Apr 24, 181 W. 10th St (W. of 7th Ave S.), 212-488-2626

AQ Kafé's Central Park Picnic

AQ Kafé's Central Park Picnic

When half the city's racing for the same Central Park hilltop, it pays to have a pre-packed picnic basket on your hands, especially when it comes from Marcus Samuelsson. He'll even throw in a gratis Frisbee, in case you forget your petanque set.

Available now, Frisbee for parties larger than three, 1800 Broadway, 212-541-6801

Strip House's Password Happy Hour

Strip House's Password Happy Hour

Sure, the idea of whispering a password at a place called Strip House sounds a bit champagne room-y. But trust us: find your way to the bar at Village steak kingpin Strip House, let loose the magic word "Truman" to the master barkeep, and you'll get 30 percent off some of their strongest cocktails. And another fine chapter of presidential history is written...

5-8pm, Apr 27-May 1, 13 E. 12th St (W. of University), 212-328-0000

Bourbon-Soaked Shopping at Billy Reid

Bourbon-Soaked Shopping at Billy Reid

Suit hunting is always better with a drink in your hand, so Southern gentleman and man's man tailor Billy Reid is throwing a soiree with whiskey, a few bites, live music and 25 percent off all the non-sale, non-custom gear in the shop. Of course, if you mention UD, you'll get the same discount through the weekend following the event—in case you aren't the punctual type.

6-9pm, Apr 29, discounted through May 3 if say UD, 54 Bond St, 212-598-9355

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