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Doctor’s Orders

Cocktails and Comfort Food at Mandalay Bay

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Let’s not stand on ceremony today.

You’ve got bite-size chicken pot pie to eat...

Welcome to Rx Boiler Room, a sweeping steampunk compound of comfort food and cocktails, opening Friday at Mandalay Bay.

This gem’s brought to you by Rick Moonen—a god in the seafood pantheon and a former Top Chef Masters contestant. As is customary in Vegas, he’s taking over this space from... himself. See, it was RM Upstairs.

Now it’s like a factory from the industrial revolution—all those cool pressure gauges and Edison bulbs and... dignified copper piping. Only instead of milling textiles for 16 hours a day, the whole place is about you and some weekend compatriots scoring pre-club chicken-pot-pie nuggets, octopus kebabs and pale-ale-gin-habanero-bitters cocktails.

You’ve got a lot of real estate to choose from here, including a private dining room and a piano bar. And by all means, explore. Sit. Have some lamb osso buco. But once you’re through with that, settle into something rich and leathery at the lounge. Ask for the Mario Took the Wrong Warp Pipe, and you should soon after possess a concoction of cachaça, curaçao, olive oil, thyme, lemon and sour mix.

Insofar as you can ever truly possess such a thing.

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