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Beer and Heat Lamps in the Haight

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Hey, glad we caught you.

Listen, we know time’s tight right now. We probably caught you trying on a powdered wig or something.

But we thought you’d at least like to know where you’ll be drinking beer and eating brie-and-bacon grilled cheese when you get back...

It’s here. At Sparrow Bar and Kitchen, an all-American ode to cold beer, hot comfort food and the woodsy outdoor beer gardens that love them (what we’re saying is: it’s got one of those), opening Monday in the Haight.

This place is broken up into two sections: 1) the inside, and 2) the outside. (No one said it was a head-scratcher.) Inside, you’ll find a super-high, two-story ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Haight below.

But enough about the inside...

Outside. That’s where you’re going. Everybody knows that. There’s a redwood-plank deck out there. It’s pretty big. There’s a favorable heat-lamp-to-table ratio out there as well. Also pretty big.

Feels like the perfect setting to start working your way through the 14 taps (Allagash Curieux, North Coast’s Scrimshaw...) and get all comfortable with some comfort food. Like popcorn, for example. Or mushroom-stuffed chicken legs with quinoa.

It’s no meat loaf, but it qualifies.


Sparrow Bar and Kitchen
1640 Haight St
(at Belvedere)
San Francisco, CA, 94117


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