Basket Case

A Picnic Setup Company. Hooray, America.

None Fourth of July picnics. They’re fun.

In fact, we heard your favorite parts are: hauling chairs, lugging coolers, wrangling Weber grills, buying a bunch of plastic utensils, setting up beach umbrellas and cleaning up hot coals. In that order.

Now, just in case we got any of that wrong, we wanted to tell you about this other thing. It’s called Picnic City, and it’s a company that exists for one reason and one reason only: to create ideal picnic sites for you and your friends wherever you happen to want them. They’re taking reservations now for tomorrow and beyond.

Imagine a scenario where you find yourself standing around with a package of bratwursts, some potato salad, a group of your closest friends and a case of beer that needs to spend some quality time in an ice chest. But you need an ice chest. And everything else.

They’ll hustle to a place of your choosing—a backyard, a barbecue-friendly beach—and set up everything. Picnic tables, lawn chairs, tablecloths, forks, briquettes, kebab skewers. It’ll all seem to magically appear.

And then, after you’ve grilled the day away, call them and let them know you’re done. They’ll erase all evidence you were ever there.

But you’ll always remember those s’mores.

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