La Gem Nikita

Halibut and Tequila, Right on the Malibu Shore

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Take a look at that photo up there.

The ocean and the trees and the lamps... just, really, try and tell us you don’t want to go there immediately.

Or don’t. Lying doesn’t become you.

Hear the waves crashing under Nikita, a stirring ode to seafood and cocktails on the shore that could only exist in Malibu, now open next to Nobu.

You might become a little stressed out getting here. Beach traffic and all that. But then that stress will evaporate around the time you reach that sort of amazing multitiered deck they’ve got there. It’s lush and intriguing, with lots of little date-friendly corners and couches. And the whole perched-over-crashing-waves thing. It’s just one of those places that make you feel embarrassed for any state that isn’t California.

So yeah. That’s all happening. And then come halibut and cocktails like the Matador (think tequila, agave and kaffir lime tincture). Or if you’re going big—sometimes when surrounded by this many Pilates cougars, you go big—certain things like lobster medallions and Wagyu steaks and $55 drinks could happen. (It’s Krug champagne poured over a strawberry-chamomile ice cube.)

Also works if you’re going medium-large.


22716 Pacific Coast Hwy
Mailbu, CA, 90265


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