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Stationside, by the Numbers

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Early last year, you were given a gift in the form of a massive live music venue called Terminal West. And you were fine with that.

Except when you got hungry.

Enter Stationside, a sexy and gritty new restaurant right next door to Terminal West, now open for your midweek-lunching and mid-concert-dinnering consideration.

Below: its figures.

Approximate number of square feet: 3,200
Amount of those you’ll need for the occasional breakout dance session: 7
Red oak tables scattered across what looks like a rock star’s personal cafeteria: 19
Number of framed photos on the wall of Big Boi playing Terminal West: 1
Bonus points you’ll get when you point to another photo and say, “That looks like Les Claypool from Primus”: 30
TVs screening the live show from next door: 3
Sandwiches on the menu: 11
Sandwiches minus vegetarian options: 7
Likelihood of you eating gin-roasted biscuits and a Chicago Philly instead of vegetarian options: high
Times you’ll watch a train pass by the back window: at least four
Times you’ll tear your gaze away long enough to order an Atlantan Manhattan (peach-infused bourbon, peach bitters): every
Percentage of alcohol in their strawberry moonshine shot: 50
Percentage of strawberry in their alcohol moonshine shot: we’re guessing 50


at Terminal West
887 W Marietta St NW, Ste D
Atlanta, GA, 30318


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