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The Yacht Rock Guys Helped Make You a Bar

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First, Yacht Rock Revue gave you stirring renditions of Steely Dan.

Now they’re giving you smoked-trout beignets.

The world is weird.

Put your lighters up for Venkman’s, a large warehouse that’s half music venue, half restaurant-and-bar and all just kind of... great. It opens Monday in the Old Fourth Ward, and here’s its slideshow.

See, back in the kitchen is a Parish and Rosebud vet. Behind the bar is a guy from Restaurant Eugene. And a couple members of Yacht Rock Revue are putting together the music program. Following? Good. Moving on.

It’s got a retro-lounge feel—wood-paneled walls. Red velvet curtains. Friendly and attractive people drinking on-tap rosé at the bar.

And yes, music and food kind of go together here. You’ll pair some bluegrass or singer/songwriter stuff with smoked-trout beignets. While the louder, bigger acts will call for the Georgia clams with boudin balls. We don’t know why they’ll call for that.

Meanwhile, back at the bar, everything just seems to be working up to the Ecto Cooler, a greenish vodka-slushy thing playing off the old Hi-C juice boxes of yore.

And Slimer from Ghostbusters, but that’s not important right now.

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