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Five Weird Après-Ski Spa Treatments

Beer. Hot fudge. Caviar. Maple syrup. Traditionally, these things belong in your mouth. Traditionally. But these five spas (all conveniently located next to ski resorts) are going to go ahead and put them in your hair. And on your face. And all over the rest of your body.

And in Other Only-in-Vermont News...

And in Other Only-in-Vermont News...

The Treatment: In the Mood for Maple at Stoweflake.
The Raw Materials: Maple sugar. Body butter.
The Play-by-Play: A local sugar maker will boil down some sap to make maple syrup. And then someone will rub that and a little body butter all over you. It’s simple. Also, Vermont is magical.

Mankind’s Finest Caviar. On Your Face.

Mankind’s Finest Caviar. On Your Face.

The Treatment: The Ultimate Caviar Facial at Willow Stream.
The Raw Materials: Sevruga caviar. Hot stones.
The Play-by-Play: Your masseuse will bathe your feet, sprinkle some of the world’s most exquisite caviar on your face and top everything off with a full-body hot stone massage. Assuming you’re cool with that.

The Strangest Shower You’ve Ever Taken

The Strangest Shower You’ve Ever Taken

The Treatment: The Lehua Honey Rainbar at Trilogy.
The Raw Materials: Lehua honey. Coconut oil. Sea salt.
The Play-by-Play: You’ll lie down in a custom bed-like thing filled with said raw materials. Then that bed will turn into a shower and rinse you off. You love it when beds do that.

Drink Beer. Exfoliate. Drink Beer.

Drink Beer. Exfoliate. Drink Beer.

The Treatment: The Mile High Malt Scrub & Microbrew Massage at the Ritz.
The Raw Materials: Rice ale. Malt scrub. Stout beer.
The Play-by-Play: First, you’ll drink a beer. Then, you’ll get a rice-ale-and-malt body scrub, followed by a scalp massage (using stout-beer foam). Then, yeah, you’ll drink another beer.

Some Hot-Fudge-Assisted Relaxation

Some Hot-Fudge-Assisted Relaxation

The Treatment: Decadent Chocolate Therapy at Blue Sage.
The Raw Materials: Espresso. Hot fudge. Cocoa butter.
The Play-by-Play: After a particularly long day in the backcountry, a chocolate-espresso scrub and a hot fudge mask are exactly what you need. So that’s what’s going to happen. No, you can’t bring marshmallows.

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