Roka Akor

Roka Center

A Two-Level Japanese Funhouse near FiDi

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Sometimes you just want it all.

Sometimes you just want to eat and drink it all.

Steaks. Sushi. King crab. Whiskey. Shōchū. Sake.

Dare to dream...

Preferably at Roka Akor, a cavernous new playground magnificently toeing the line between sushi spot, robata grill and basement whiskey lounge, opening Thursday in Jackson Square.

There’s a lot to take in here.

Which is why...

You should probably just start by crossing the bridge.
Yes, there’s a bridge. And it’ll take you directly to the main dining room. There’s a trilevel robata grill in it. And a concrete wall that looks like a bamboo forest in Kyoto. So... subtle.

Then, it’s decision time.
In front of you: that robata grill. Bank left and you’re at the robata counter. You can get a Wagyu flat iron steak over there. Or lamb. Or octopus. Or... you get it. Go right and you’re at the sushi counter. They get their fish flown in from Japan four times a week, so we trust you know what to do with that.

But that basement. It needs you.
It’s dark. There’s a wall of shōchūs behind the bar. There are handsaws and giant slabs of ice. There’s probably way too much Japanese whiskey.

There’s... definitely not too much Japanese whiskey.

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