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Blinis and Vodka in a Russian Courtyard

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Historic moment: when Bastide closed.

Other historic moments: when it opened and closed like eight more times.

Not just any restaurant could take over these scandal-haunted grounds. There’d need to be a hint of crazy gusto. There’d need to be blinis. And secret key parties...

Basically, it could only be Mari Vanna—an innocent-looking-but-wild-minded new LA outpost of the illustrious Russian empire, officially opening tomorrow.

What you’ll see first here is that famous courtyard out front, just off Melrose Place. It’s serene and kind of lovely, in a rustic, somebody’s-97-year-old-grandmother-did-this kind of way. Don’t be fooled.

Sure, it’ll start with some expected Russian classics. Whether you’re out here or inside—where the walls are covered with animals and Russian newspaper—you’ll summon blinis, caviar and stroganoff.

But... there’s a real vodka situation happening here, infused with everything from horseradish to lingonberries. So yeah, your business dinner will loosen up considerably before it’s over.

Oh, right: key parties. If they like you, you’ll get a key. Some nights, they’ll lock the restaurant up—but it’s not closed. You just have to use your key, and you’ll find a whole DJ-and-dancing party scene inside.

So no, not that kind of key party.


Mari Vanna
8475 Melrose Pl
West Hollywood, CA, 90069


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