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Exploring Weekend Coffee and Taschen Library

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These days, it seems like a new thing opens at the Joule every week. But that’s not entirely true. Because some weeks, two new things open at the Joule. In this case: Weekend Coffee and the Taschen Library. One’s got strong coffee. One’s got immensely browsable books. Both are pretty stellar to relax in. Hey, you like relaxing...

Weekend Coffee: This is the brightest, sunniest, Calcutta-marble-floors-and-wooden-shelves coffee shop in town. Also, it’s the only one in town, but that’s beside the point.

Behind the counter, they’re serving all manner of espressos and pour-overs. And at least one manner of soft-poached egg muffins.

Taschen Library: If ever a space were dedicated to leisurely perusing anthologies of tasteful nudes, compendiums on pinups or 600-page James Bond pictorials, this is it.

If you want to buy a book, go right ahead. Pluck one off the spotlighted shelves. But if you’re more in the mood to casually flip through the complete paintings and drawings of Leonardo da Vinci while relaxing on their couch with a freshly procured cappuccino from next door, feel free. Nobody’s going to stop you.

Although we’d just like to see them try.

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