The Worn Legacy

Our Legacy Has Some New Swimmables for You

It’s mostly nice out.

Hey, these things happen.

Hang in there.

Go for a swim or something. Eat some ceviche in a cabana. Break your “no piña coladas” rule.


Here come some Our Legacy Swimsuits, a handful of magnificently simple, solid-colored trunks from the gents at... well, Our Legacy, available online now.

They kind of look like boxing trunks. The kind of shiny, mid-thigh numbers Muhammad Ali would’ve tossed on before floating and stinging around a beach house somewhere. Except they’re not for Muhammad Ali and boxing. They’re for you and swimming. So rejoice.

And in keeping with the whole “they’re really simple” theme, you’ve got three shades to choose from. Mustard, olive and gray. Pick one. Doesn’t matter which. Just make sure you have a pair on hand for those times when swimming is the by-product of a larger scenario.

For example, a Fourth-of-July-after-party-turned-Fifth-of-July-morning-party. Or the next time a summer storm knocks out the electricity and the Swedish expats from next door have politely demanded that you fire up your hot tub generator again.

Apparently, they’re good on sugar.

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