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A Retro Corner Spot for Roast Beef and Custard

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Picture your favorite place as a kid.

The kind of place where you order from a window on the sidewalk. Where there’s endless roast beef, frozen custard and bright-orange stools that would probably survive a sudden fiery apocalypse...

You were kind of a dark kid.

Introducing Top Round Roast Beef, a supremely decadent new retro corner spot that’ll take you back to a roast beef wonderland that never was, opening Monday on La Brea.

What you’ll order on the street: a classic roast beef on a butter-toasted bun, served with au jus. Or a beef and cheese, with housemade “wizz” cheese. Or a Beef on Weck, with spicy horseradish on a caraway-and-sea-salt bun. It’s all about the roast beef here, slow-roasted for 12 hours with a 10-spice rub.

But it’s also all about the gravy-topped curly fries. And the frozen custards, thick enough to turn upside down. Go inside to pick up your order and take it home for a Netflix night. Or grab one of the three indoor tables if you want to stay close to the Ferrari-made soda fountain, with 127 possible combinations allegedly available.

You like to keep your beverage options open.

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