Things to do for June 13, 2013

The Weekender

Backyard BBQs, Hemingway and Parm

The weekend’s laughing at clouds.

UD - You Can Now Get Parm Delivered

You Can Now Get Parm Delivered

You’ve made some dubious excuses to go to Parm. And no one was buying that your podiatrist prescribed two sausage-and-peppers and a chicken parm sandwich per day. But none of that’s necessary anymore, because now they deliver—anywhere in the city, if the order’s big enough. Challenge accepted.

UD - Sausage and Hemingway in Williamsburg

Sausage and Hemingway in Williamsburg

Ultra-thick burgers, Scotch eggs named after Scottish writers and a rum pot de crème named after Hemingway (who was... not Scottish). You’re probably in already, but we’ll toss in the fact that it’s all from an A Voce and Lupa vet. And now we’ll leave you to it.

UD - Free Whiskey and 70% Off H.W. Carter

Free Whiskey and 70% Off H.W. Carter

On the vital question of getting ridiculously handsome clothing and gratis drinks, you’re solidly in the “yes” column. Related: you should head to H.W. Carter & Sons tomorrow and procure some whiskey and warm-weather wearables from Engineered Garments and Comme des Garçons. Do it for the cause.

Happy hour sale Jun 14, 6-10pm; regular sale Jun 15, 11am-8pm, and Jun 16, noon-6pm; H.W. Carter & Sons, 127 N 6th St, Brooklyn, 718-599-7091

UD - Father’s Day BBQ at the Lion

Father’s Day BBQ at the Lion

Your dad never met a burger he didn’t like. And he’ll probably like the Lion’s version—caramelized onions, pork belly and two kinds of cheese—a little extra. He probably won’t complain when they throw in a pint, either. (And if Dad can’t make it, just bring some old guy.)

Jun 16, 11am-9pm, The Lion, 62 W 9th St (between 5th and 6th Ave), 212-353-8400

UD - Backyard BBQ at Mulberry Project

Backyard BBQ at Mulberry Project

Sundays are for backyards. That’s why they exist. Graffitied backyards filled with lobster rolls and burgers and cocktails you saw in a dream. At least, that’s what Mulberry Project is doing Sundays this summer, with a weekly rotating barbecue menu. Good on them.

Sundays, 2pm, $25, Mulberry Project, 149 Mulberry St (between Hester and Grand), 646-448-4536

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