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Cocktails and Giant Plinko in SoMa

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


Unless you’re talking about a bar that’s really into that stuff.

And has giant Plinko. And shuffleboard. And grilled cheese.

Then, less so.

Meet S+R Lounge, a shiny new lobby bar that’s essentially a playroom with way more alcohol than other playrooms (and yes, there’s at least one dog made out of recycled metal scraps), opening Monday in Hotel Zetta.

S+R. It’s short for “salvage and rescue.” They try to do a lot of that here. Whether it’s the chandelier made out of eyeglasses. Or the back wall covered with sepia-toned negatives of Alcatraz prisoners’ mug shots. Or... dog. That dog made out of barbecue tongs and forks.

Drop by after work. Let the doorman get the door for you and proceed directly to the bar. Note the loungy couches and furry pillows along the way. Those’ll be nice at some point. But now’s the time for cocktails made with tequila and chocolate bitters. Now’s the time for truffle-and-apple grilled cheeses and Swedish meatballs.

It’s not time to head upstairs for some giant Jenga, Candy Land, Monopoly and a few rounds with that massive Plinko setup. That’s later.

Never play awkward games on an empty stomach. 


S+R Lounge
in Hotel Zetta
55 5th St
(at Mission)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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