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Out in Eagle Rock: This Welcoming Date Spot

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The US and Canada announce their first reciprocal trade agreement.

Ray Harroun wins the inaugural Indianapolis 500.

Somebody builds a Craftsman bungalow in Eagle Rock, just so that 102 years later you’ll have a nice place to go get some duck liver mousse and wine...

Banner year.

Oh, and please meet Little Beast, an out-of-the-way spot for you and your date to enjoy dinner from a Chateau Marmont vet, officially opening Friday in an old bungalow out east.

This is the kind of rambling little blue-shingled place where you’d feel pretty scammed if you couldn’t have a steak and sangiovese on a front porch. But you can. On colder nights, if we still have those, you might favor a table by the window inside—otherwise, there’s also another patio out back, with verbena and creeping fig and strung-up white lights happening. Sort of your call.

Before you leave, you’ll speak softly on profound things, you’ll hear plates clinking inside, you’ll refill your wine, and you’ll have some burrata and peaches, English pea risotto and a filet. No show-offy foams or essences or test tubes to see here.

 Just unadulterated English pea risotto.

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