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They say feet are like snowflakes—no two are exactly alike.

Caveat: we’re not sure who actually says things like that.

But still. Unique feet. Yeah. They need unique shoes. Custom-made for you. After a high-tech 3D foot-scanning process...

Time to lace up for The Left Shoe Company, a boldly futuristic place where they scan your feet to get you some intensely perfect-fitting shoes—opening Saturday on Melrose.

What you’ll see when you walk in here is: typical-looking shoe shop. Typical, that is, for a shoe shop on Melrose next door to Comme Ça—sleek white-on-white angles, a bunch of really nice-looking bucks and derbies and brogues on shelves, and a marble bar.

Two things: yes, you can have a drink at the bar. No, you can’t buy any of the shoes. They’re just examples of styles you could choose for your custom pair... after you put on some special socks, step onto a platform and let a camera spin all around you to take a 150-data-point scan. Then you’ve got decisions to make—calfskin or Italian leather, cognac or stone color, etc. Six weeks later: your shoes will be ready.

And they’ll fit pretty well.


The Left Shoe Company
8473D Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA, 90069


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