Bag Man

DC-Designed, American-Made Duffels

Let’s back up to last summer. Local guy Read Wall launched a smart-looking, American-made line of plaid shirts, chinos, jackets and other things with which to stylishly cover your nakedness.

Well, this year he got to thinking: you might need a bag for all those clothes the next time you have to pack up right now for a Rehoboth weekend (or because the NSA is at your front door).

And voilà. Thus was born the idea for Terrier Bags, his new line of handsome stuff to carry your other handsome stuff, taking orders now for August delivery.

Real quick, here’s what you need to know:

If luggage can qualify as “heirloom,” then this does...
They’re made from waxed American cotton and lined with oxford shirt fabric. Vegetable-dyed leathers. Heavy-duty hardware. Crafted by some artisan bag makers in New Jersey. So basically you should have these forever.

They come in three styles...
There’s the Boston Tote, a beach-ready repository for your frisbee, towel and mini steel drum; the Jack Russell Duffel, a big bag that buckles down to a smaller size; and the Cairn Travel Kit, a dopp kit for your ivory-handled razors and such.

They also make a beer coozie...
Yup, a waxed canvas-and-leather beer coozie.

Foam coozies are so 2012.

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