Plan B

A Presidential Mansion with a Secret Tunnel

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Sorry, there must be some mistake.

Apparently, somebody in Peru thinks you like sleeping in ocean-view presidential mansions.

Can’t be true. It just can’t be.

You wouldn’t even know what to do with the underground tunnel...

But just in case, meet Hotel B, a former presidential pleasure palace on the coast of Peru that’s now a 17-suite... well, it’s still a pleasure palace, and it’s taking reservations now.

Some background: back in the 1920s, this was Peruvian president Augusto Leguía’s place—his own Frenchified beach manse lording over the Pacific. But a government coup here, an embezzlement charge there, and this place ended up in the hands of some very loving hoteliers. (And Augusto ended up in... not this place.)

Crazy thing is, not much has changed inside. The living room is still for living, the bedroom is still stately. But there are way more people demanding to carry your luggage, and 100 years does wonders for wi-fi reception. Also, you can now make use of the rooftop. By which we mean: ask the rooftop bartender to make you a gin fizz.

Oh, right, and they added an underground tunnel. It leads right to the modern art gallery next door. You can sneak over for a tour, or hold your own private dinner party.

So that’s what you do with an underground tunnel.

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