Picking Up the Black

Varsity Jackets and Cocktails. That’s Your Cue.

It’s so hard to find a decent UK-based, Japanese-inspired, ’60s-style varsity jacket these days.

Yes, these days.

As in today and tomorrow.

Not as in Friday and Saturday.

Those days, it’ll be easy...

Don’t thank us, thank the MKI Black Pop-Up Store, a two-day launch party for a new UK-based-but-still-very-Japanese line of wool varsity jackets, peacoats and similarly dapper insulation devices for your arms, happening this weekend at the ADAC and Space2 at the Sound Table.

So the brand is called MKI Miyuki-Zoku. Bit of a mouthful. Just know that they’ve got a big store in Leeds full of things your body needs, but can’t have. Unless you go to the ADAC or Space2 this weekend. It’s the first time they’ve ever popped up on this side of the pond, so we’re going to go ahead and recommend you do that.

Fast-forward to Saturday. You’re at the Sound Table. Mingling. Cocktailing. Suddenly realizing you’re not wearing anything made from cow nappa leather. Not wearing a gray satin-lined varsity jacket specifically engineered for drinking gin under the moon. You can fix that. You should really consider fixing that.

And see that wool biker jacket with leather sleeves. Congratulations: that’s your new wool biker jacket with leather sleeves.

Yes, your Schwinn beach cruiser counts as a bike.

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