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The Four Seasons Bar. It’s... Different Now.

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Back in 2001, the Four Seasons opened on Market Street.

And with it, a restaurant called Seasons.

And then that restaurant got... well, it got old.

Which is probably why someone had the common decency to replace it with MKT Restaurant – Bar. It’s more modern. It’s more casual. It’s got rum punch bowls big enough for six people. And it’s open right this very moment.

Herewith: the changes you very much care about...

It’s not your aunt’s Pac Heights mansion anymore.
Gone are the grand piano, the cream-colored sofas and the valances. In are the dark leather banquettes, the oak-wood floors and the feeling that you’re in a sexy cocktail lounge. Probably because you’re in a sexy cocktail lounge.

The bar is at least three times bigger.
The old bar is still there for private parties, but the new one is front-and-center now. It’s big. It’s L-shaped. It’s marble. It’s got two flat-screens behind it. And that’s just fantastic news.

Communal cocktailing is encouraged.
Everything’s shareable. Which means you now have the option to turn any cocktail into a punch bowl. Go for a Cold as the Dickens with rum, lemon and Osocalis.

Same thing goes for the food.
They’re calling them “communal dishes” (you see what they did there). Things like fried green tomatoes and duck confit agnolotti. Everything’s local, too.

Who knew we had a duck confit farm.

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