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Four Facts About Donovan House’s Rooftop Bar

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Timing is everything. In life, sure. But even more when a freshly renovated rooftop pool bar opens on the cusp of Memorial Day weekend. Yes, as in 5pm today. It’s called the DNV Rooftop Pool Bar, it’s atop the Donovan House hotel, and here are four key things to know before you head up there.

There’s something familiar here...
Yes, you may have been up here before. The view’s the same. The pool’s the same. What’s new: most everything else, like the tropical epi wood that’s everywhere, including in the two built-in cabanas.

This isn’t the kind of pool that you cannonball into...
They close it down for swimming at happy hour, when they open the bar. It’s more like the kind you gaze into. When you’re not gazing at your date. Or your friend’s date. Or the video projection screen on the brick wall above, and its array of artsy moving images.

They will feed you...
The new chef at Zentan downstairs is overseeing things up here, too, sending you tapas plates like watermelon/crab salad and ceviche with chili water.

The cocktails have been supersized...
Sure, you can grab a can of craft beer up here, but know that they’ve got frozen caipirinhas, two punches and two sangrias, most of which come by the carafe or the “tower”—basically a clear cooler with a tap, which serves about 10. Or just kick back with a Pimm’s Cup on draft, which they keg themselves.

Yep, somebody executed your Pimm’s Keg idea.

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