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A Jacuzzi-fied Elephant Ranch in Kenya

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Here we are. Memorial Day Eve.

If you haven’t pressed your summer whites and secured your spot in the convertible parade... you should probably do that now.

Then, once that’s done, you can safely take your celebratory spirit to another country. Kenya ought to do.

Especially if you’re headed for Segera Retreat, a new 50,000-acre wildlife sanctuary turned Lion King-ly estate where saltwater pools and elephant watering holes coexist in perfect harmony, taking reservations now.

Envision the opening shot here: a panoramic view of the African savanna. Mount Kenya looms in the distance. A gazelle leaps across the sunset. Finally, focus in on eight villas set amidst botanical gardens and all the plunge pools and outdoor jacuzzi baths you’d expect. (Oh, and cue “Circle of Life” somewhere in there, too.)

Okay, that’s enough. There’s much to discuss. Jeeping across the Great Rift Valley, tracking elephants, zebras and steenboks. Figuring out what exactly a steenbok is. And right. Your sleeping arrangements—you’ve got three options: the king-size bed in your elevated villa (nice), the swinging bed hanging just below your villa (also nice) or the savanna itself, where you can just camp under the stars.

And in the middle of it all, you’ll see this odd, cylindrical-looking thing. That’s the wine tower—basically an above-ground wine cellar, to do with what you will.

No idea what you’d do with a tower full of wine.

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