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A Rakish Motorcycle Clubhouse in SoMa

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You’re about to go to a club.

But there won’t be any DJs.

There won’t be any dance floors.

And there damn sure won’t be any champagne.

What there will be: a highly unreasonable amount of horsepower.

Pop the clutch for Piston & Chain, a new motorcycle-centric club that’s one part mechanic’s garage, two parts bike shop and infinity parts handsome private lounge for sitting around on leather things and talking about 1960s British carburetors, accepting members now.

This is what’s going to happen. First, you’re going to become a member. Or don’t and just walk in. You don’t even have to have a bike. You just have to love the idea of bikes. The mystique of it all. You can’t hate ’81 Paris Dakar BMW off-roaders, is what we’re saying. Or oil. Or reckless abandon.

Then, simply have your run of the place. Walk in and bask in the glow of the high wooden rafters and British flags and Ducatis. They’re all around you. And depending on the membership level you sign up for, you’ll have access to anything from the full workshop and tools to overnight bike storage and tire-/oil-changing services.

Oh, and they host events, too. Group rides and seven-course dinners. Even the occasional fondue party.

Don’t act like you’ve never seen a motorcycle club throw a fondue party before.


Piston & Chain
1285 Folsom St
(at 9th)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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