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A Boatload of Vintage Handsome in Oakland

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We’d like to propose a toast. 

So raise your coffee or beer or Capri Sun Pacific Cooler or whatever it is you’re drinking in the afternoon these days.


To America. To bald eagles. To John Glenn. To Babe the Blue Ox. To baseball. To the great redwoods. To the ’50s and ’60s.

And, most importantly, to looking like all of that feels.

Grow a beard and sharpen an axe for Elder and Pine, a new shop in Temescal dedicated to swathing your body in all manner of vintage American splendor, opening tomorrow.

Here’s what your Saturday looks like: first, Temescal. Go there. Grab a cup of coffee at Subrosa. Then, walk next door and step inside this place. It’s woodsy. Smells like freedom. Looks like a cross between an Army/Navy surplus store and the inside of Hemingway’s mind.

Take it all in for a minute. And when you’re ready, get involved. Pluck some flannels and button-downs from Woolrich and Pendleton off the rack. Try on a pair of duck boots. Toss on a Barbour jacket or some workwear stuff (overalls, camo jackets, jean jackets...) and say something surly and interesting.

There’s plenty of knickknack-y gear floating around, too. Knives. Belt buckles. Throwback baseball hats. Frame packs from the ’60s.

Great decade for frame packs.


Elder and Pine
423 40th St
(at Webster)
Oakland, CA, 94609


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