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Walter Manzke Has Some Tacos for You

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There’s a man.

A man who, for a time, managed to bring Bastide back from the darkness.

Who is boldly taking over the hallowed grounds of Campanile.

Who... really just feels like slinging you some tacos in a way-’80s-Tijuana shack right now.

Consider the implications of taco evolution thanks to PettyCash—it’s a rambling, pastel-hued shanty of octopus tacos and cocktails on tap, hoping to soft-open Tuesday.

So yeah, in LA you’ve got your taco trucks... and then you’ve got your giant shiny places with long picnic tables, kitschy pink and purple stools, and a chef like Walter Manzke in the kitchen. It’s a whole beautiful taco spectrum.

Bring enough friends to fill one of those tables, just beyond the rolled-open garage door. Order a bunch of pig’s-ear nachos. Yes, you now live in a world where pig’s-ear nachos exist. And you’ll want some Oaxacan Old Fashioneds—they’re heavy on both tequila and mezcal. Also, they’re on draft here.

And then: merriment. Oysters. Laughter. Shuffleboard. Plate passing. Deep-fried quesadillas. Summer breezes. Loud ’80s rock. And lots and lots of tacos—octopus and pork carnitas and beer-battered fish and carne asada and...

Point is, they’ve got plenty of tacos.

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