Blowing Up

A Database of Dallas Party Spots

None Someone’s got a birthday coming up...

Could be you. Could not be you. We have no idea.

But someone, somewhere, has a birthday coming up.

And we’ve got just the place to host it.

Wipe your feet before entering Eventup, an online bazaar of rentable houses, loft spaces and other party-appropriate accommodations, online now in Dallas.

So, this service will come in handy when you’re scouting venues for a fete. Or a shindig. Not sure if there’s a difference between the two, but it doesn’t matter. This site has a place for basically any occasion. Here’s a sampling:

You need a pool.
But not just any pool. We’re talking about renting your very own private mansion with a heated pool, a heated spa and seven fireplaces. Presumably, those are also heated.

You need a drink.
There’s a Masonic lodge downtown that’s all marble pillars, leather-bound books and some really impressive stonework. It’s got a tremendous ballroom with a bunch of chandeliers... that could double as a tremendous bar with a bunch of chandeliers.

You need some cash.
Say you just rented out a private mansion or Masonic lodge and now you’d like to replenish your funds a bit. Well, you can list your pad on this site, too. Just upload a few photos, set a few ground rules and name a price.

Maybe hide the good wine first.

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