Things to do for May 17, 2013

The Weekender

Secret Pizza, Icebergs and Questlove

Neither one of us wants to be the first to say it’s the weekend.

UD - Just Some Ancient Ice Blocks

Just Some Ancient Ice Blocks

Iceberg right ahead. That’s a thing you’re totally going to be able to say at this PS1 exhibit. Which is basically a big room full of 800-year-old glaciers for you to get cool by and marvel at. Get it, because it’s summer.

UD - Beds, Chains and Lobster

Beds, Chains and Lobster

Normally, if we told you about a place with massive sculptures of bunk beds chained together and suspended from the ceiling by a California artist, you’d say, “Weird.” But when we say you’re eating roasted lamb leg and lobster pasta there, you say, “Show me.” So that’s what we’re doing.

UD - The First-Ever Ovadia Sample Sale

The First-Ever Ovadia Sample Sale

There’s a time and a place for stunning unstructured blazers and M65 jackets the likes of which haven’t been this handsome since the ’60s. That time/place: the Ovadia & Sons sample sale in SoHo. And as it happens, the first-ever of those is happening today and Sunday. It’s fate.

May 17, 9am-4pm; May 19, 11am-5pm; Ovadia & Sons Sample Sale, 155 Wooster St (at Houston), Ste 4R

UD - This Is Questlove’s Chicken Shack

This Is Questlove’s Chicken Shack

It’s official. There’s not a thing on this planet that Questlove doesn’t have his hand in. Because now he’s got a takeout chicken shack at Chelsea Market. You’ve got buckets of his fowl, a cupcake called Miso Ho-ney and a watermelon-jalapeño slushy. He should try music sometime.

UD - It’s Pizza Brunch. It’s Prunch.

It’s Pizza Brunch. It’s Prunch.

In Little Italy, there’s a pizza speakeasy. That’s old news by now. But what’s new: they’ve got a hangover pizza. It’s got soppressata, buffalo mozzarella, red onions, egg and mushrooms on it. And if you combine it with their Bloody Mary, poof. No more hangover.

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