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The Fastest Flower Delivery Service Ever

None Hey, you bought your mom flowers on Sunday.

Great call. She deserved those. She raised you and made you grilled cheeses and... anyway, today is a new day.

And there are other people in your life who also deserve flowers.

People who are... the exact opposite of your mom.

Here to help: BloomThat, a new service solely dedicated to delivering fresh flowers by bike to anyone in the city proper in 90 minutes or less, taking orders now.

You saw Premium Rush, right? Okay, bad analogy. But basically, it’s about a bunch of bike messengers who are really fast and really good at riding around the city delivering things. Well, this is like that. Except they’re delivering lilies instead of illicit funds. And there’s no Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Let’s move on.

You’ll want to unleash this service when there’s no special occasion on the horizon. Say, a Tuesday. Or Flag Day. Or any day you have time to hop online and pick some flowers. Tulips, hydrangeas, maybe a snapdragon or two. You know... flowers. They’ve got tons of them. And they’ll pretty much deliver anywhere.

Once you place that order, some guy with probably a tattoo is going to get it. He’s going to put his earbuds in and probably listen to Wilco. And then he’s definitely going to hop on a bike and deliver your long-stemmed regards at breakneck speed.

Them: putty. You: victorious.

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