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The Sunniest Rooftop in the City

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Cable cars.

Wine bars.


We have a lot of these things. You know we have a lot of these things.

Sadly absent from that list, however: rooftop bars.

Sucks. Oh well. Have a good weekend.

Just kidding, here’s El Techo de Lolinda, the long-awaited pisco-and-caipirinha-rich repurposing of the city’s finest rooftop real estate, opening Monday in the old Medjool spot in the Mission.

Oh, God. It’s perfect up there. Just a towering and magnificent ode to alfresco leisurely pursuits.

Doesn’t hurt that it’s in the sunniest part of town, either. Or that when said sun goes down, they’ll enlist the services of a few ridiculously high-powered “warmth umbrellas” to keep things agreeable out there.

Take the elevator up to the fifth floor. Look for the light and walk toward it. Find a bar table next to one of those glass shields and just start pointing to things on the cocktail menu. A caipirinha here. A Daisy de Santiago there (it’s rum, lime, Chartreuse and soda). Really get in there. It’s okay, you’re on a rooftop.

And should you require sustenance, you’ll find it in the form of Latin street-food-ness like braised-pork-shoulder quesadillas and chicharrones. You know, linen-and-sunglasses food.

Don’t tell us you’ve never eaten linen-and-sunglasses food.

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