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Custom Crafting Your Own Whiskey

None Doing things for yourself feels pretty good.

The sense of accomplishment. Creating something from nothing.

It’s the American way.

It’s also the shortest point between you and a barrel of custom whiskey.

So that’s exciting.

Grab your finest rocks glass for My Whiskey, a DIY operation from the folks at Mississippi River Distilling Company that’ll end with you owning a 30-gallon barrel’s worth of custom-made hooch, taking orders now.

This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Well, assuming you’ve been waiting to make your very own/very particular rye, bourbon or scotch. For your nightly nightcap, perhaps.

Like most things these days, this begins on the Internet. Just head to the website and peruse all your whiskey-making options. You’ll select your grains (barley, rye, corn and wheat), some yeast, the type of barrel, the desired proof and, finally, how long you want it aged. Your sweet spot here is somewhere between one year and that’s-long-enough-I-want-it-now.

Then, after a phone consult, the distillery will start production of your batch. When it’s ready, they’ll neatly package it all up in a few cases and ship it to your door. Net result: you’re the proud owner of 160 bottles’ worth of whiskey and one empty barrel...

Aka one new coffee table.

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