Rosewood Sand Hill

Coming Up Roses

The California Ranch House of Your Dreams

Not that we're complaining, but the city could be warmer. And sunnier.

Especially on the weekends.

It's time to make some sun happen. Quickly.

Which is why you should know about Rosewood Sand Hill Resort and Madera Restaurant—your new, sunny luxe weekend escape—opening next week just a short drive away in Menlo Park where the rays are warm and the fog is fleeting…

Keep Sand Hill in your back pocket for everything from a rustic, gourmet dinner outside the city to a spa-and-pool day trip.

But if you have the time, you'll want to make a weekend out of it. Time your jaunt to Sand Hill when the sun is setting over the mountains and kick off the evening with martinis on the terrace. Then head inside for dinner at Madera, preferably at the marble-topped chef's table overlooking the wood-fire grill and open kitchen. Narrow the 600-plus wine selection to one, then order a few oak-smoked Hog Island oysters before moving on to the richly flavored Kurobuta Pork Chop with Bread Salad.

The next day, find your way to a poolside cabana for a few of those rays you came for and a little peace and quiet knowing the bustle of the city is far away.

But not too far…


Rosewood Sand Hill
2825 Sand Hill Rd
Sharon Heights
Menlo Park, CA, 94025

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