Pickup Game


Your seduction skills may be great, but they could be even better (hard to imagine, we know).

From your approach (the fake yawn into arm wrap-around) to your lines ("Is it hot in here or is it just you?"), it might make sense to refresh your material.

Consider honing your craft with the Charm School Boot Camp created by internationally renowned "master flirt" Wayne Elise, aka Juggler from Neil Strauss's The Game.

Juggler has created an intensive three-day boot camp that consists of intense classroom training filled with useful behavioral psych techniques and closing tactics, interspersed with a great deal of "field work" at lounges, parks, and bookstores (get ready to pretend you read the latest Ian McEwan). The small group of attendees is cooler than you'd expect, and the coaches look on and comment on your use of their techniques like "disqualifying" (downplaying your assets), "presumptions" (making guesses about her), "the vacuum" (silence at key moments) and "reward and escalate" (it's just as fun as it sounds).

Skeptical at first, we watched Marco, a grey-haired middle-aged architect return with a number after walking up to three striking Brazilians at the Gansevoort Rooftop.

When guys like Marco get competitive, you know it's time to upgrade your arsenal.

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