La Vie BoHo

Bacon Pizza at a Swank Thrift Store

You're heading to the ArcLight.

Bowery's full. Hungry Cat's booked. You just want something respectable. Something prompt. Something… with beer. Really good beer.

Welcome to BoHo, a long-overdue neighborhood spot debuting Thursday for movie night… that you might want to visit even when it's not movie night.

The former Charcoal space has been rendered unrecognizable, in a good way, by Hollywood's uber-designer Kris Keith, who knew the only way to follow up Viennese art deco glam was with a cheeky thrift-store theme of random knickknacks, mismatched chandeliers and the occasional giant indoor ficus. (Okay, so it's the Hollywood version of a thrift store.)

Drop in anytime for a seat by the fireplace in the wide-open front area—or if you're about to take up a couple rows at the theater, the large communal table keeps you front-and-center. But for a low-key date demanding a little more privacy, you'll want one of the booths in back by the tucked-away bar.

Adolfo Suaya and Oinkster chef Andre Guerrero are aiming to get the thin-crust Fennel and Bacon Pizza or Pile o' Ribs out in time for you to catch the show, but if you're not in a hurry, enticements to stick around include a rotating list of rare beers from the esteemed owner of Verdugo.

Sounds more enticing than Race to Witch Mountain anyway.


<strong>BoHo<br /></strong>6372 W. Sunset Blvd<br />(at Ivar) <br />Hollywood<br />Los Angeles, CA 90028<br />323-465-8500

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