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Permanent Sample Sale in Nolita

UrbanDaddy - Inven.tory Not everyone is struggling right now.
Sure, if you're an umbrella butler for the rich and famous, a bottle service whisperer or the sole proprietor of a pop-up shop for megayachts, this is probably not your year.
But if you're a smartly curated style den peddling overstock from trendy brands at wholesale-or-below prices, then you're definitely having a moment.
Welcome to the new Inven.tory, a coed gonzo fashion warehouse and permanent sample sale, opening Tuesday in Nolita.
You may be familiar with Inven.tory's current nook of a boutique as your favorite place to cheat the fashion system and come out looking your rakish best on the other side. Well, things are about to get a little crazy… Run by a crew of fashion and nightlife misfits, they're taking their new industrial funhouse, decking it out with a few coats of paint and bringing in more designers (like Corpus, Idol Radec, 3:33), more vintage wingtips/Levi's and throwing a few parties along the way.
In a flash of brilliance, they decided to organize everything by type of gear rather than designer—since you clearly care more about the boots you need for your Brando-in-On-the-Waterfront look than the Spring 09 collection from Franz the Eurodesigner.
And you heard it here first that once the dust settles in a few months, they'll be launching their own line of clothing.
Franz will definitely not be involved.


237 Lafayette St
(N. of Spring) 
New York, NY 10012

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